Compare The Quantity In Column A With The Quantity In Column B. Column A - Y - Intercept Of 3x + Y = -3 Column B - Y - Intercept Of 4y - 12 =5x?


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I think I understand your question.  You are comparing the y-intercept value from each of the equations... Right?

I believe that the easiest way to compare y-intercept values is to put each of the equations in the slope-intercept form -->  y = mx + b  (b is the y-intercept)

3x + y = -3
will become...
Y = -3x + (-3) by subtracting the 3x from both sides

4y - 12 = 5x
will become...
4y = 5x + 12 by adding 12 to each side and...
Y = (5/4)x + 3 by dividing every term by 4 since y needs to be on the left all by itself.

By looking at the end equations you can see that the y-intercepts are -3 and 3.  I'm not sure what comparison you're asked to make, but I hope this much helps :)

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