What Is The Answer To 5x-7=-19+6x?


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The above question is a mathematical equation and its solution is very simple.
Adding all the coefficients of x and the variables we get:
x=12 is the answer
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This is very simple just try to solve by herself, surely I'll help you!!
This type of equations are called as linear equations where you have to gather all the x type of variable at one end and put all the constant or without x variable on the other hand...and in this way you'll be able to come up with the value of x as follows:

Your expression is : 5x-7=-19+6x
And remember when ever you take any variable or any constant across the "=" sign so automatically the + or - sign changes;
so the equation becomes
5x - 6x = -19 + 7
-x = -12
therefore x = 12, which is an answer. Negative sign from both the sides gets cancelled. Hope you got it..
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-6x        -6x
+7        +7
/-1    /-1
I hope this helpeeeed(: Hopefully it didnt look to confusing! Ahah
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5x - 7 = -19 + 6x
Take 5x to right side and -19 to left side in given equation.
-7 + 19 = 6x - 5x
= > 12 = x
Value of x is 12.
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RICHDAN, Am not pointing that you've written a wrong ans, but your ans is wrong. Just look at the question above its - 19 and not +19. you could've answered, but i guess you've unforseen the negative sign of -19..Cheer !!! Good day !!
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Bring 5x to right side of equation and 19 to the left side >> The equation would then be >>> -7+19 = 6x-5x >>> therefore >>> 12=x >>> The value of x is 12

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