Is it just me or do other people find it hard to apply knowledge to themselves?


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Craving Love Profile
Craving Love answered
Well, yes I find it hard applying knowledge to myself half of the time.
So you're not alone!
Una Lareta Profile
Una Lareta answered
Oh no it is not just you! I usually have problems with applying pretty much straight forward knowledge that I even give advice to my friends about! It's is the hardest part to apply YOUR knowledge on YOURSELF!
Cheryle Masters Profile
Cheryle Masters answered
Sarah, sometimes it is easier to share our wisdom w/others than it is to apply it to ourselves.  It seems we know what we should and shouldn't do, but we often do not follow our own advice.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Yeah for some like me it is hard to apply knowledge when you are born with or developed a learning disability.
Selie Visa Profile
Selie Visa answered
The honest truth is everyone, in our secular as well as our religious life. I keep telling myself that God doesn't want DRY THEOLOGY--- knowledge of God's word without worship.
salman Mauhammad Profile
I agree with you, it is human nature that he finds hard to implement what he learns. But an effort or it can be said an extra ordinary effort can make this change.

Have a great day !!
Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
It's not just you that's for sure, wake up to yourself, knowledge is not a cure, the more knowledge you have the less you know, keep your mind clean and pure, the more knowledge we gain, the more our planet cries toxic rain.

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