If you are an at risk student, how do you not be an at risk student?


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Just try to do your best and nobody can criticize or rate you badly. Teachers will usually keep special attention on these students and assess them regularly and help them as necessary. Normally you're given a special tutor or someone to help you and guide you so that you're no longer rated as "at risk". It's not the student's fault but the school's for not identifying the issue a lot sooner.
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Well, there's lot's of things you can do. You can start working with your friends or peers to improve yourself.
It's fun and gets you motivated.
Other ways could be using the internet (like who doesn't nowadays?). Just type in anything that you need help about. Use YouTube to give you tutorials! (Great source, helps me out a lot).
And oh yeah, you shouldn't be afraid to ask. Just ask, ask, ask. It helps! Trust me.
You can set yourself a goal too, like a certain grade (depending on whether you're studying at school, university or just taking a course). But REMEMBER, don't set your expectations too high. Maybe a grade above your's currently! The point is, you improved!
Also use more than one source to study, using one source (ONLY notes for example) will get you extremely bored and uninterested.
And I know the way you feel about "tutors"/"teachers", for some reason I prefer working on my own, mostly. I find it easier to concentrate and get my work done! Around teachers, I feel like they're putting a whole lot of pressure on me which makes me just FREEZE. And stop right there...
Most importantly, STUDY STUDY STUDY. Get studying. No studying=No success.
Remember, you can only achieve your goal if you work hard.
I wish you all the best! Best of luck.

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