What Is The Bayeux Tapestry?


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The bayeux tapestry was made under the orders of bishop odo in 1086. It gives the normans view of the battle of hastings and is a secondary source because it was created after the battle.
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A 70-m long piece of embroidery that graphically tells the story of the 1066 Battle of Hastings.
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The Bayeux Tapestry is actually the original source of inspiration for the strip cartoon that is so popular these days. In other words, it is the old version of what we term today as strip cartoons. The tapestry is basically an embroidery showing that depicts the intricate details of England's invasion by William the conquerer in 1066. The embroidery is done over a stretch of linen cloth which is about 230 feet long.

It (the tapestry) was ordered by William's half-brother, Odo, to be manufactured, who was also the Bishop of Bayeux and whose picture is present on the tapestry, indicating the significance of his role in the invasion of England by his half-brother.

Many historians agree on a mutual basis that the tapestry was made just after the end of the Conquest. However the discovery of its existence dates back to much later in 1476. The pictorial representation in the tapestry coincides cohesively with what we know as the Battle of Hastings.

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