If you could go backwards or forwards in time, how far and where would you go? What would you want to do?


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Emil Ivanov Profile
Emil Ivanov answered
I would go to 3012, see what's new, what the music's like, poeple's lifestyle, etc, etc.
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Adrian Masters
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One of the guy's that works for me said the same thing. I asked the question at work one day when we were on break.
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Probably back to Victorian England to experience the times and the culture. An era where things were much simpler and life was more slowed-down and languorous and the rat-race did not exist. It seems to have been an intriguing era to live in as they called it their "brave new world".
Sarah Johnson Profile
Sarah Johnson answered
Just far enough back to make sure I was never born.
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Adrian Masters
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Ouch!! Then your children would never be born and we would never have had the chance to meet and know you.
Sarah Johnson
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That sounds like a good thing right about now.
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Adila Adila answered
I would go back to 1998, the 1st of July when Westlife first became a band. I would love to re-live those good old WL days as everyone says now Westlife breaking up is the end of the era! Sorry I meant "broke up" since they already have.
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Adrian Masters
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I know what you mean. Cheryle and talked about going back and seeing Elvis Presley and getting pictures of us with him. :)
Adila Adila
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That would be cool too..8) Old music is the best , and yes Westlife are kinda old arent they....they are in their mid 30's most bands are teenagers..(which I despise..) OLD IS.............GOLD.
strawberry turtle Profile
I would go to when time travelling machines are portable. Then I'd abuse the power so much. I'd get a knowledge of history, then I'd participate in all the important battles until eventually I ruled the world.
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Maxine Chan answered
I want to see my future when I am in my 60's so I want to know how I would look and behave as an old woman.
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Cheryle Masters answered
Backwards:  The Old West.  Have a ranch on a large parcel of land.  Forward:  2212.  I figure 200 hundred years into the future there should be discoveries that would be unbelievable.  Maybe an explorer if I had someone to travel w/.
Elana Harris Profile
Elana Harris answered
I would go way back to the beginning of the bible or the time of Jesus Christ and find the the truth about religion and warn people what would happen in the future.
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Adrian Masters
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Excellent answer. Can you imagine hearing the sermons on the mound or seeing his miracles. That would be awsum!!!
Christen Braundmeier Profile
If I could go back in time, I would go back to 8-4-12 at precisely noon. I would have left my 4 week old kitten in her heated box to sleep, instead of making myself guilty for having her in a box. I wouldn't have woken her up and put her on the ground. Then she wouldn't have been stepped on, and I wouldn't have had to bury her today. R.I.P. Gracie Maye. I would do anything to change what happened.

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