If you could go back into time and live in one era, which would you choose?


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otis campbell answered

I would want to serve in WW2

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Lard Ass answered

The 20's definitely! Mobsters, prohibition, the speak-easy, exciting times I'm sure!

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Andrea Leon answered

Surely if time travel is possible then there are worlds humanity has discovered that surpass our limited space as well. Meaning scientists, in the scenario, have discovered worlds that go beyond the milky way. Maybe they've even discovered alternate realities where fictional worlds are actually real. I know I'm stretching it a bit but how cool would it be to live in say (I'm posting photos just to give you an idea)

1. A viking era where dragons actually exist?

2. A mini planet where it's just you, a rose and all the spectacular views of the planet. You as the little prince, why not?

3. The World of Madagascar with Penguins and other talking animals?

4.Planet Namek - I have had a childhood fascination with this planet. Has nothing to do with my crush on Piccolo.

5. That Interstellar Tsunami Planet - I forget its name.

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