If you could choose one age in your life to go back to, what would it be and why?


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I would choose 7 because I remember that when I was seven I kept saying to myself that this was the best age.

I might also choose before I was born because I wonder what that's like? 😊

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Without hesitation I'd select 45. Old enough to have got most of the hard grind out of the way, young enough to do anything you choose.

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What ever age I was in this pic of me ...I didn't have a care in the world and i could rock a bib as a shirt ... I can't do that anymore  😡

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Dear Nicole Ashley,

This answer is from the perspective of my friend Jake, who was born in 1918 and lived all his life on the homestead taken out 1894 by his parents on Mt. Baker in Washington State.

Jake told me if he could re-live one year of his life, it would be one of the Depression years, 1929 to 1941 or so. Nobody had anything but everybody shared, and you could go fishing, harvest greens and with just some cornmeal put together a good meal.

For recreation you took your bedroll frying pan and fishing pole and hiked for days in the forest, up one of the rivers/creeks rolling down from the glaciers...such fun, carefree.

If somebody shot a deer out of season, the game wardens looked the other way because they knew people were hungry and taking only what they need.

* * *

What I learned from Jake, the hard times can sometimes be the best times.

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I would never come back. I never stick to the past too much, whether positive or negative. The past is past. Negatives, must forget, positives, i have to be busy to create many other today instead of re-reading what happened in the past.

I only stick to present which is the gift and the future which required to build. So i just move forward and keep my eyes on the prize without looking back.

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Nicole Ashley
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Very good to hear! I will work on letting the past be the past !:)
Matt Radiance
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Thanks for giving time to read my note! Wish you the best in your life's journey :)
Yin And Yang
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Matt! I completely forgot I DID tell you I would let you read my book! Still working on it but it has been VERY heavy on my heart to take the next step. YOU just helped confirm it!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! :0)
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Almost a year ago, July 10th 2015 to be exact....... Not to relive it because it was a good time..... I would want to rewind the day, and tell my husband DO NOT attend the funeral of his paternal grandfather. That day destroyed his life and we are having one heck of a time picking up the pieces! :0(

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Jann Nikka
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Yin And Yang
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Thank you kindly my friends.... but I am a FIRM believer that God will turn these ashes into beauty and I look forward to it. It just hurts sometimes being in the storm.
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I don't know that I'd want to go backwards in time. There's too many bad events that I wouldn't, no couldn't, relive. I think I like it right now. I might skip ahead a few years but not backwards.

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I read a few of your comments under this question.

If this seems worthwhile to you, use it as you will:

Everybody says forget the past, or that's in the past, or move on; live in the present because it's a gift (and so named) or you can only "do" something in the current moment; and of course the future does not exist yet, etc.

And there's nothing wrong with any of those comments.

But the reality is that unless and until the past has been separated from the effect it is having on your future (If it's a "bad" influence) then that "past" is still very much part of your "present" and must continuously be dealt with until it no longer affects your future.

Sometimes it needs be that the past is in fact present and must be dealt with appropriately to stop its negative impact on your future.

It can take a while to kick the past back where it belongs.

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Darik Majoren
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Well said . .
The hardest thing for most people to do, it to live in the "NOW" . . . They are either waxing nostalgic or looking to make some change in the future . . . we often miss out and enjoying this moment, right now, right here in each of our lives.
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Grade 6, or 10-11 years old. Peak of my life, lots of great friends, a best friend (i truly miss him), lots of fun and games, good grades, everyday filled with happiness and joy, no worries, best time of my life.

Yeah it's pretty much downhill from there.

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