What Is The Decimal That Represents The Shaded Part Of A Figure? Figure Is 3 Out Of 5 Is Shaded.


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RAJEEV TG answered
 find the equivalent fraction of 3 out of 5 , they are 6 of 10, 9 of 15 etc. Luckily in this case we have got one with denominator 10, that is 6 out of ten. Hence it is 0.6. If we don't get the denominator as 10, we should try to get 100 or 1000 so on and so fourth. Then the answers will be with one or two or so on and so fourth additional zeros after the decimal point
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Naja Ellis answered
The decimal that represents the shaded part of a figure. Depends on what you know about the figure. If the figure has five equal parts than the problem is easy the fraction would then be 3/5 =0.6

If each of the five pieces are each different in shape and size, no way to measure what thre numeric value would be. If I knew what the three pieces were to be inluded in calculating the decimal I would just weigh the three pieces and then all of them.
The decimal would the be =three weighed peices/Total weight of five pieces.
The answer would be 0.x.

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