Can someone help me with this ( Shade More Than 11/100 Of The Square And Less Than 1/4 Of The Square? Write The Value Of The Shaded Part As A Decimal And A Fraction. ...


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11/1001/4= 25/100= 25.0                      Is the answer Fraction: 25/100, simplifyed to 1/4            Decimal: 25.0                  This is a total guess, sorry?
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25*1/25*4 = 25/100

Wide variance in the fractions, so I am not sure what the shaded area should be. Perhaps Oddman will see this.
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Here is a square that has 1/6 of it shaded. (The base of the shaded triangle extends 1/3 of the way across the square.) The decimal value of 1/6 is 0.16666...(repeating indefinitely). This is more than 0.11 and less than 0.25.

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