Infant and toddler curriculum is a course of study based on?


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As such there is no study that defines the base of toddler and infant curriculum. The basic aim is to cater to the needs of the preschoolers. They are tender and their minds are yet to grow and develop. So, on the basis of this notion there is as such no curriculum but yes the content is kept extremely simple and easy for the toddlers.
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I believe there were researches on the toddlers' behavior, and I guess the main purpose of any curriculum for infants and toddlers is based on their needs. I think it mostly relies on the kids' preferences and needs because the curriculum would be ineffective otherwise. For example, if my daughter wants to have a playground, it will be useless for me to buy her a book. I'd try to carefully implement the educational process in her games, so she will still be entertained and not feel pressed.

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