Are Girls Better Than Boys?


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In the sack I believe they are.
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Better in what? You need to be specific. If you mean intelligence, no. Both men and women can be equally intelligent. If you mean physically, men are stronger because they have more muscles in their bodies while women have more fat, instead. That is how nature is. Biologically women are stronger than men (because women have to bear children).
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Girls are better in different things than boys are. Boys r better in some things but in others girls are better.
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Better is a Bad word to use! Are they both required to make a Child YES! So they are different But need to come together for a Child!
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Sorry boys, but girls are better than boys. In alotta stuff.


Boys are llamas undercover
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Both are equal, both have equal potential.
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No.girls are better than boys.Boys do every thing just for fun but girls are so sensitive
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Duh, girls are better than boys. They rule.

Take that sucker boys.

Boys are idiots with a pinch of stupidity

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It's not able to compare. You have to specify what are girls better than boys. If no, they are both having the advantages and disadvantages.

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This takes me back to primary school, when groups of girls would taunt that they were better than boys or vice versa lol.

But it really depends on what areas you are talking about. There are some things girls/women are generally better at than boys/men, and there are some things boys/men are generally better at than girls/women. You can't blanketly state that one gender is "better" than the other.

Even in the areas where one gender might have the upper hand, there are exceptions. For instance, girls tend to do better academically but that won't mean every girl will do better than every boy. Also men tend to be stronger than women physically speaking but it is possible for a woman to be physically stronger than a man. The bottom line is they are both equal.

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Wow! This just revived my old memories , when I was a kid of like 4th or 5th grade then we use to have competitions between girls and boys and any if the two would win different times ! So the answer to this in my opinion is that both r equal as they r both different genders having a lot of differences. Both have their problems and goodnesses  so we can't just judge then like that! In places boys r better in places girls r better so that's that it means both r equally capable!

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In all if we concern the all aspects of life  we wil find that girls r always better than boys but in old age they didnt get the proper stages to come up .
In India their is Mother Ruling
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Well it depends, each boy and girl is different but most girls are more better at taking care of their kids. Thats what i heard.
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Well ...girls r better at something better than boys and boys r better at something then girls :D
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Boys and girls are equally the same in every way sometimes girls will be better than boys at some things and boys will be better than girls at some things
But boys are better than loads more things than girls
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I'm a boy and say girls win It be a dark empty world without girls

Sorry guys they win
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Boys are much worse than girls. Girls are 5 times as smart and more mature. This comes from a boy.

Take that Boys..


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