What Are Your Thoughts On Today's Modern Women?


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Todays modern woman has a lot of joy & stress all rolled into one. We are more independent & are needed in most cases financially so it adds a little pressure. We have to multi-task our way through life a lot but are durable. We have the advantage of being able to balance a lot of things at one time & be effective but it is also so tiring too.
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Women are beautiful and smart if they have the right moral character. However, I wish we could go back to the "other times" when once married and children are born, women could focus on being mothers and stay at home . Being a mother is a fulltime job and having a mother at home is very important. I am a single mother and it is a daily struggle to keep ur child's attitude, mentality and lifestyle in a good positive direction while tending to the 500,000 OTHER things that a mother SHOULD be doing. In today's society children are not given the attention/discipline/morals/etc that they deserve to have because parents are too concerned with themselves.
Anyway, I believe the modern woman has much too much on her plate.
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are always hurt some man
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Brother not all of them and they always have reasons.
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Well, here is a news flash for you. Not only has a woman hurt a man, she has been hurt by them as well. It is called life. People get into relationships and then often at some point at least one of them realizes it is not the right one for them. Then the relationship ends and someone gets hurt. You both learn from it. Quit blaming women and learn what the things is with the women that hurt you that doesn't work. Then look for a woman who doesn't do that.
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Anonymous people can use use avatars? I hope its not my brain, but the date here says 2010 for me. Your comment, Gator, says our current date. Im guessing its old and we both decided to comment regardless!
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I think they understand their value more than any other time in history. The know they can and they do run businesses of every size. They also know that if they don't want to run a business, that they can run a home as well. They can have any job they want. They know there is no one path that fits all. They just need to find their own path and run it. It is something my mother never felt she could do, but it is something she instilled in me. And she did before it most women did with their daughters. I am the only girl I know of who was told if I wanted to be president, I could do that. I think I was 10 the first time my mother told me that. Most girls born in the 60s were never told that. Back then we were told our options were teacher, nurse or housewife. No we do have women running countries, and doing quite well at it.

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All women are different yet I can't help applauding the stance they've taken over the past half century. They're no longer content to be some man's surrogate mother, cooking and caring and available for (chaste) connubial contributions on demand. They know their own minds and know how to achieve their ambitions.

That doesn't apply to all, of course, but by-and-large they've taken an enormous leap toward independence.

Hmm. I wonder if it was a mistake giving them the vote?

Have a listen to what Peggy Seeger had to say about it:

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They like to have their own thoughts and, mostly, they avoid other people's interfering in their business and don't like that someone says that it's wrong what they do. They like hearing about celebrities and wearing fashion clothes, just some of them. That's what I think!
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Well, they scare the hell out of me.  I sincerely believe that the reason most religions keep women down is because very early on, men realized that women were smarter and more able.  Religion is useful to keep them subdued.  Nowadays we have liberated them and soon they will be in charge.    I, for one, welcome our new female overlords. 

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