What Are Your Favorite Subjects?


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Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
Umm....MATH it easy
John McCann Profile
John McCann answered

There is one science and that is biology.

There is one biology and that is evolutionary biology.

Chloe Brisco Profile
Chloe Brisco answered
Erm history and fashion (:
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
I may be kicked in the butt for this but my fave subject is women.
Surendar Selvam Profile
Surendar Selvam answered

bio-Chemistry .

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Adila Adila
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Can you stop giving one word or one sentence answers? It's not very helpful to a user. And if you're only going to answer simple questions then you are not helpful or showing your are knowledgeable at all. Blurtit wants people to enlighten others.
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Mike J answered

Always loved Spanish since the last 8 years I took it, it's always been my best/favorite subject.

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