What is your favorite subject in school? Why?


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When I was in school my favorite subject was PE.  Absolutely loved it. Only negative thing about it was that I had PE as my 1st class of the day and some of the kids don't shower up afterwards and smelt like a mixture of rotten eggs and toe jams. Lol
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Eunice Kwarteng
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Lmao eww tht's disgusting
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You know how some teenage boys are...They take Stink to the next level. Like my teenage nephew. His room smells like sweaty gym socks. True story LoL!
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There is one science and that is biology!!
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History!! I really don't know why. There is just something with it. I don't know, it's an interesting subject
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I liked cooking and art because I was so bad at both of them it was laughable and because I didn't improve no matter how hard I tried I started messing around with flour, paint and stuff and it just got funnier and funnier XD

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