What was your best subject in school?


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The smoking section... I learned so much  I needed to learn there.  Not that I'm proud of the fact I smoked. It's gross,but I learned more in those corners than I ever did in a class room.

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English has always been my best subject, then science and then any type of art.

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Everyone's all saying such cool subjects pike history, as for my the best mark I've ever gotten has to be in drama production

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Physical Education and games, closely followed by English.

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Pepper pot
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If only they had learning to be a spitfire pilot as a lesson at school, I would of taken it.
Rooster Cogburn
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I still fly my BF-109G whenever I can ! Can't find a Spitfire here. I'd buy one if I could find one.
Pepper pot
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Rooster my partners says he'd buy 3 if he won the lottery, one would suffice for me.
Yes, at exam level it was just called P.E Blue Lou, Games referred to outdoor sports and Physical Education for indoor.
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I did best in English class but my favorite class was always History. Except for that time that I had that crazy man teaching my World History. He honestly believed the world was only 6000 years old and that man walked alongside dinosaurs. He also believed that Obama was an Islamic socialist and that Neanderthal never existed. I really hate that guy /:

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I loved English class. I remember in eighth grade, l my favorite day was Tuesday because I had double English after lunch.

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