is a person's favorite subject in school influenced by gender?


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Michelle Kwok answered

Yes and no. I'm a girl, my favourite subject is IT. There are only 3 girls in the entire cohort that does IT. I also like Health, there are only 5 boys in the health class. People could have a favourite subject based on how comfortable the environment of that class is. Students may not enjoy it as much if they're surrounding by mostly members of the opposite sex or the same sex. However, some people also don't mind, and deliberately like to challenge stereotypes of a subject. For example I have a female friend that does Engineering and Wood Work, which is of course a class dominated with boys who are surprised to see a girl in the class.

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Leesa Johnson answered

I don't feel that it depends on gender whether you will like the subject or not. It totally depends on the interest of the person.

Tom  Jackson Profile
Tom Jackson answered

Possibly, but not necessarilly.

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Natty Lawrence answered

I don't really think that depends on the gender. I guess it depends on a person. But that's only my opinion. Good luck!

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