Is Math The Most Important Subject In School?


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Personally , I think Maths IS the most important subject in school because all the subjects consist and contain Maths and you really need to learn it .
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Really nice question. But really all subjects are very important to learn. If you are in the best school than definitely will get best quality..

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All the subjects in school are important, but Math is the most because we use it everyday.
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I think its a very important subject! But its not the most important subject of course all the other subjets are important too
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I think to be a genius it is the most important, but to succeed language is more important. Nonetheless, all school subjects have a place.

I use many of them on a daily basis.

Math: I use it when measuring stuff for baking, counting calories, counting money, or when timing my workouts.

Language: It's nice to win an argument about starting a sentence with the word but.

Science: My two favorite words are deoxyribonucleic acid and anticoagulant

Health: The Heimlich maneuver saves many lives, and I'm one of those people who likes knowing what my different muscles are called

History: Where are you on the map?

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The answer to your  questions is a resounding yes! The reason that Math is so important is because it is the reason why the Gods can do what they do. Math is the language of existence it is what gives us the ability to be and have power like the Gods
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Math is not the most important subject in school, most real life situations have nothing to do with algebra or pre cal. Its all a bunch of crap that they try to make you think you need

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