What school subject did you have the most difficulty/did not do well in and why?


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Anna Levi answered

Maths and PE! I couldn't (and still can't) grasp maths, I get numbers mixed up a lot and often need to use a calculator, even for simple calculations which most people could do easily in their head.

PE was also incredibly stressful for me. I hated the screaming and shouting of the other kids, I couldn't keep track of what was going on, and I was hopeless at all sports in general. Nobody ever wanted me on their team, not even my friends!

HappyTo BeHereTo Profile

Political Science.  It's not that I did poorly, or got bad grades.  I just didn't like it. 

Some may have noticed that I don't answer political questions.  Even when people joke, the negativity is off putting.  I keep myself informed, but I don't choose to pollute my day beyond the news.

I'll be glad when this election is over.  Innocuous questions get political answers.  How can a photoshop of Hillary have anything to do with a music question?  People who like to answer with religious posts have honored the request to keep it relevant to the question.  I wish political posters would do the same.

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Lard Ass answered

Math....of any type! Anything past simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, forget about it! Just can't grasp why letters need to be involved in math!

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David Johnson answered

Good question cause it is hard to answer. I was thinking for  a minute but I could not outline the only one I am bad at.  I am quite sure about mathematics and geometry. The second one stays the completely mistery for me till now.  One more is literature. I like reading but I am not in favour when somebody tells what to read and to analyse it all. 

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Tom Jackson answered

Some of the technical aspects of English literature---never did care for dactyls and spondees.

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Pepper pot answered

Maths, I did well up until my 4th year (age 15), then a teacher took me out my class and put me in the top group, even though I protested and said I was happy where I was.  Needless to say I really struggled and fell behind, the teacher only added to my misery by embarassing me in front of the class which made me feel an idiot. So I blame that maths teacher, she didn't help me and took a liking to publicly humiliating me, I actually dreaded going to school it got that bad. If I'd been left in the class I was in originally I would of flourished.  I feel a teacher can make and break a situation for you. Still, once I left school and was in a working environment maths made far more sense to me, and I couldn't understand why they'd made it sound so complicated. 

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Leesa Johnson answered

It's Math. Due to fear and multiple step problems, I feel Math subject as the most difficult but now I'm ok with it. 

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