What Subject Did You Most Enjoy Or Do You Enjoy At School?


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Glenn Greenwood answered
Getting out of detention and going home. I was actually kicked off of the detention bus and was forced to hitch hike home, so I quit serving my detention. When I was confronted for not serving my detention, I agreed that I would, as long as I was provided a ride home on the detention bus. I served my detention and was denied a ride on the bus...without going into further detail, I dropped out of school that day.
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Merlin Paine answered
History....it is what happened
Michael Regenauer Profile
Math, history, all science classes, chasing girls 101, catching girls 102.
Michelle New Zealand Profile
I loved biology and always got A's in the class but it was more to impress the teacher, he was very, very sexy, haha
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My high school, in my senior year (1968), offered Private Pilot Ground School.

That class was 98% male, and had a waiting list, because it was so popular among the guys.
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Keith Old
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I can imagine, Mensan.
The Instigator
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Hey Mensan, I was a pilot. I worked in a bakery and I'd have to pick up a bag of flour here and pilot there..
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[groans profusely]

I'm a member of the Pistol Club, here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our motto is, "Drink 'til One, Pistol Two"
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The Instigator answered
I really don't remember. I think it must have been astronomy though because my mother got a note from my teacher which said "All Jack does in class is take up space."
Joan Profile
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While in high school my favorite subjects were English/Literature and when I went to college it was Psychology.
John Profile
John answered
Hahahaha.i liked  all the classes  i was doing great in, depending on the quarter(time of the year).sometimes not so much.it would be easier to say the class i did not like/english but only when they wanted us to do standing speeches in front of the class. The speech always sounded better in my head than when i tried to give it. I guess there should have been a class on giving a speech.
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I have enjoyed learning new things my entire life. I did not especially enjoy subjects in school, because most of my teachers didn't have the foggiest idea what they were doing. I learned all the subjects in spite of the teachers, and got straight A's throughout my school career.
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History hands down.
In history you also get science, because that is how our societies ultimately evolve. It has the best of all worlds, without push-ups or math lol
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Madison Barney answered
I love Science. Whether it be because my teacher is awesome and he doesn't give us hard homework or i just enjoy it. I don't know but I like Science.
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Donna Kelly answered
I most enjoyed P.E (physical education), also History & commerce. I used to run for me City, had my own personal trainer. My dad really pushed me at it. Then I hit my teen years & it all seemed to go downhill from there. Wow, if I could turn back the clock now I would live my life so much more different. Xxx. What was your's Keithold? Please let me know as I'm interested to know that answer. Shout it to me. Xxxx. Take care, have a good night xxxxx

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