Do you think people spend much too much time communicating, phoning, texting, writing, computer chatting, and much too little successful face to face conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings?


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Yes...I agree with U Jackyl. But it's the wave of the future n' most of us are stuck with it. I feel forced to keep a cell phone on me, n' wind up paying $40 + a month, just to have it sitting in my purse doing nothing most of the month. ( I'm's good to have for emergencies. ) Okay....but how many emergencies am I gonna have ?
I find cell phones annoying at best. U can't hear people well on them & their ringing gets on my nerves; especially when I'm driving.
Now a computer is another thing. I fought like the dickens not to get one..But once I did, I found I enjoyed it & became reliant on having it.
Some people  in my life absolutely hate that email is used instead of the written letter or a phone call. But it's just easy & no stamps.
I also enjoy shopping online & having stuff delivered to my door instead of going to the store. Looking for a parking spot & standing on checkout lines.
Almost everything I easier online, so I'd like to keep my PC, thank U.
Plus....I get to chat with people like U Jack...n' that's nice.
For takes up a lot of my time. But that's okay since most days, I have time to spare.
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I also think kids use cell phones way too much. My S.O.'s stepson is on his phone about 19 hours of every day. Ridiculous. He NEEDS to get a job. That's what he needs. An' PC usage by kids is out of hand too. They get too much access to porn sites n' such. Spacebook etc. Isn't so good for them either. Get into too much trouble. Go outside n' play. Go see your friends. Get off your azzes.
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Very nice comment ,from Midnite113.
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Well i think we spend a lot of time online and phones because its easy we cant always have a face to face chat so its a better alternative than not socializing at all
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YES.Without a doubt YES.I know i'll get hell for this,but mobile phones should all be binned.
I don't have one,and never will,and like you,i  hate listening to other people's private conversations.
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Yes basically I am in accord with your proposition,Sir.
Folks in these decadent days of ours spend far too much a part of their day-to-days doing some modern means of communicating.
Whereas back in the 19th (and even the 18th) centuries,there were horses to lead out to pasture,cows to milk,pigs to muck out and chickens to feed.  Nowadays these jobs simply aren't getting done,and that's why the economy is up-the-spout and gone-to-pot in a japanese whaleboat.
So basically I feel you are right, in proposing that latter-day folksies texting and idly chatting away on mobile fones does not get the work done.
--And please don't ask if I typed all this on a computer......

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