What would you really do if a cop pulled you over and gave you a gas card for 20 dollars for actually following the rules of the road?


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G'day Nomad,

Thank you for your question.

I would be very surprised given that I don't drive.

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Do you ever take a rdie with anyone.well they just got pulled over and given a 20 dollar gas card. : )
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It did happen. It was here in Fl. Thought it was in Orange County, can't find the news report. A nascar driver also rode along. You were pulled over for displaying good driving skills in traffic, and given cash or Nascar Race tickets. Freaked a lot of people out. Lol
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They did flowers here .i don't know what the guys did with the flowers except a get a few points with his wife/girlfriend by bringing them home that evening.but you know the wife/girlfriend is going why did he bring me flowers today when he never did before.doh! A guy can't catch a break even when he does the right thing.hahahahahaha
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This ain't gonna happen. Lol
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That would be so cool.

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