What Are The Rules To Be Followed On Road?


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The exact rules to be followed on the road will vary from place to place but some of the universal rules to be followed are related essentially to the safety of the commuters and pedestrians. The primary rule is to always drive within the speed limit mentioned as most accidents are caused due to over speeding and rash driving. Another rule would be to slow down in places marked as pedestrian crosswalks.

Some other basic rules would be to follow good driving etiquette like proper signaling in case one wants to turn or slow down the vehicle and also when one wants to overtake another vehicle; one should always respect traffic light signals. Parking rules are another aspect of traffic rules and one must always park one's vehicle in such a manner so as not to hinder the flow of traffic.

One should be alert with respect to road and traffic signs which indicate the condition of the road, the turns one may encounter and the rules to be followed in some places like no honking zones in the vicinity of a school or hospital.

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