Who loves math, like me?


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Honestly math is pointless!
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suman kumar answered
Maths is my least favorite subject.
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Michael Reese
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Why is it ? Is i hard fr you ? Ifyo need any help with math I'll be the person too ask.
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That's very sad :(
I guess you haven't experienced the true joy that math brings to life.
Michael Reese
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True Docdan
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Eww, i hate math
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Me!! Sometimes lol
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I do,it's my favorite subject.
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Not Me.. I Can't Get Past Adding Subtracting And Multiplying.. Algebra.. Calculus Is Beyond Me..  I Took Those Classes And Got D's In All Of Them.. All Through High School
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Maths was my best subject while in school but now everything starts to fade away. I'll appreciate if your can tell me your method with maths.
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Michael Reese
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My method is just too keeping praticing for all your life and I'm only 10 yearsold an i know so muc abou math.
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I love math especially when it comes to algebra, I like anything that has to do with logic and I like solving puzzles! It's all fun to me!
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I do - I like everthing about it and I try to learn everything I can about math. I really enjoy challenging math problems.

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