How did people get the word 'pee' or 'wee' from the word urine?


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Hi Geekfreek, these terms 'pee' and 'wee' arose in childhood, pee-pee mommy or daddy, and the slang is well established in society today, carried through to adulthood. I mean who says today, I must go now to urinate. My urine needs to come out. Of course urinate is used in editorial, and we have the saying 'getting pissed' or 'pissed as a neut', meaning our of our heads with booze. Hope Useful
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Janey is right and the lengh of an answer is irrelevent,as long as it is right and not long winded,
catherine adams
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OK but its recommended to aim for 200 - 300 words?
And life and answers are not black and white...And well get a life so there's adifferent viewpoint and who needs the attack ..Get a Catharta fitted, and bag it up and well move on!
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200words ? This is not a Uni thesis you clown

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