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The term geometry is applied by the mathematics of the measurement, properties as well as the relationships of lines, points, angles, solids and surfaces. It could be applied to a particular system of geometry such as Euclidean geometry. It has also been used to refer to a geometry limited to a class of objects or of problems such as solid geometry. The term geometry may also be applied to a book on geometry. It could refer to a configuration; or an arrangement. It is applied to a surface shape. It may also be used to refer to a physical arrangement which suggests geometric forms or lines.

The term geometry comes from the Middle English word geometrie; from Old French as well as from the Latin word gemetria; from the Greek word gemetri; which comes from the term gemetrein, meaning to measure land. It is a breakup of ge-, geo, meaning earth plus metron, metria, meaning measure.

Related terms include the nouns geometrician and geometer. It is interesting to note that Geometry and the study of numbers were the two disciplines of pre-modern mathematics.
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Define geometry
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Geometry Meaning-
Well seriously where can I start? Using The Solid Geometry is the geometry of three-dimensional space, the kind of space we live in.
There are two main types of solids, "Polyhedra", and "Non-Polyhedra":
Polyhedra :
(they must have flat faces)
Such As Planotonic Solids, Prisims & Pyramids
(if any surface is not flat)
Like A Sphere,Torus, Cylinder & Cone
Solids have properties (special things about them), such as:

•volume (think of how much water it could hold)
•surface area (think of the area you would have to paint)
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Its all about shapes lines point postulate and theorems.
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The mathematics of the properties, measurement, and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids.

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