What Are Vertical Angles In Geometry?


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Vertical angles are when two lines intersect to form two pairs of vertical angles. Vertical angles are equal.

If two lines intersect at a 90 degree angle, they form two pairs of 90 degree angles.

If two lines intersect at a 30 degree angle, they form one pair of 30 degree angles and one pair of 150 degree angles. The angles are across from each other are equal to each other.

You can use vertical angles to solve two triangles that are next to each other. If you know two angles in a triangle, you can figure out the third angle.

Two triangles that share the same two lines have a vertical angle.

It is called a "Vertical" angle because the two angles meet at the Vertex. Vertex is a Latin word that means apex or pinnacle or meeting point. The vertex of an angle is where the two lines that form the angle come together in a single point.

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