This one is for all of our writers out there. What does writing mean to you? Why do you do it? What is the motivation behind the things you write?


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Lily Bradic , Short-story writer, creative-writing student, answered

I actually find it quite hard to explain why I write, because it's never something I've questioned myself. I write because it feels wrong if I don't.

I write on a daily basis, even when I'm not working on a story. If I'm in between ideas, or don't feel like I've planned enough to start my next piece, I'll spend some time freewriting instead. I also keep a journal, as writing is therapeutic.

What Does Writing Mean To Me?

Writing, for me, means creating a story from the most fleeting of ideas or thoughts. It's the process of drawing inspiration from something and playing with that inspiration, approaching it from different angles, then stretching, shaping and rearranging it until I've got a story.

Writing can also be a form of therapy, and keeping a journal is great for clearing your head and helping you make sense of your thoughts.

Why Do I Write?

I write because I feel like something's wrong if I don't. I feel restless or flat if I don't have a writing project on the go. I write because I enjoy it, and because my mood suffers if I don't.

Sometimes, I'll have an idea - or even just a phrase in my head, or a character - and unless I jot down some notes, it won't leave me alone. I'll often be kept awake at night by ideas, and have to get up and write them down so I can actually get to sleep.

I write because it makes me feel 'right' - like a balance has been restored - and because I can't help it.

I can't help having ideas for stories, and if I leave them all in my head, I can't focus on anything else.

What Is My Motivation?

I don't know, really. The more I write, the better I'll get, so I suppose that's one reason. I'm also motivated by the feeling I get (a bit like a post-workout buzz) when I finish a piece.

Money definitely isn't my motivation - I know how difficult (to the point of being near impossible) it is to make a living from being an author nowadays.

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Adila Adila answered

This is a tough question! I write for many reasons, mainly they are poems but I have started to write a novel however with all my exams happening right now I had to delay.

Normally people write when they feel down or expressive. I find that when I'm upset I am least expressive and struggle to find the words to fit into my poem. So I always write after a situation not during. Writing when I'm really angry would probably make me more angry! I get upset whilst reading my own words then. Its hard you know.

I remember when Westlife broke up last year (My favourite band of all time who I love today, tomorrow and yesterday), I decided to write a poem about how I felt when I first heard the news. I wanted the poem to express how I felt about this band. And you know what? I failed! The words would just not come to me , I could barely think , and this was after they announced the split! It was a few weeks afterwards because I was really upset and crying the first 2 weeks so that was tough! I couldn't think of how to describe my love for them , I had no idea how to express how heartbroken and let down I felt. It sounds silly I know but it makes me think that the things that affect me the most are so very hard to write about.

Thats why most of my poems and short stories are always a complete different character experiencing different things. I also write often when I am bored ( and trust me I get bored easily!). I pick up my pen and there you have it, my brain overflows with ideas and creativity! It is so easy to just put pen to paper , you can write anything and tweak it later.  My motivation? I think my real motivation is to show off the only talent I actually have! Also because I like to share with people my thoughts and opinions on popular topics , so I write about certain subjects and taboos and I meddle around until I find my sole writing purpose. Its just fun, it's rarely about my own feelings because like I said, I find it difficult to write about my own feelings.

Writing is like a blessing to me. I feel happier and more content with a pen and book than I am anything else! I sometimes even think of Westlife and get my ideas for poems off them. In other words whenever I think about Westlife (and when I'll meet them etc) I start to write about how this band makes me feel , but I don't ever refer to them because then it makes it hard to write! I can only write so much on them. Writing seems to me a get away from all the other problems in my life. I can escape and immerse myself into a world full of creativity , I can make up my own world and that always sounds so appealing to me!

So ye, thats why I love to write!

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