How would you define a good sexual education?


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I think that in order for a child to have a good sexual education, the teacher needs to be -

  • Completely honest and relaxed. I can remember my lessons at school and the teacher was very uncomfortable you could see he was completely out of his comfort zone.  So I think the teacher needs to be happy to be teaching the subject.

  • Tell the truth - Happy to answer any questions, no matter what it is.  Once again as my teacher was hating every minute of my lessons, no one felt they could approach him with questions.
  • Use current terminology.  Of course they should use the correct scientific names, however they should have knowledge and give examples of the current slang, so that the kids don't have to feel silly because they do not know what a word means.

  • Use current, up to date materials.  I can remember awfully dated pictures and books which we were made to read, they were hideous!
  • Explain more than just sex.  I know this sounds silly but I was taught about puberty and sex, that was it.  I think it would be more beneficial if teachers also discussed relationships, emotions, sexuality, consequences (not just pregnancy but STI's), how to check themselves correctly for the STI's and what to do if they think they have one.
  • There should also be an open forum where the kids can ask absolutely anything without prejudice.

  • Most importantly there needs to be trust between the teacher and kids.  If there is the correct environment in the classroom then I think the kids will learn more from the lesson and lets face it, it is an important life lesson to learn.

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