How Do You Calculate Growth Percentage?


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Let say If you want to calculate the percentage increase in sales then the formula will be

Percent change =  { [ (New sales) - (Old sales) ] / (Old sales) } x (100)

For Example if

New Sales = 100
Old Sales = 50 then
percentage increase = ?

percentage increase = (100-50)/50 *100
=  (50/50) X 100
= 1(100)
= 100%
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You take the difference between current year subtracted by the previous years totals and divide this difference by the total of the previous year. CY-PY=Change; Change/PY=%change.
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Percentage increase or percentage decrease refers to the measures of percent change in mathematics. It can imply the extent to which a variable gains or loses intensity, magnitude, extent, or value. Thus it is a mathematical concept. It is calculated with the help of a certain formula which is specifically made to suit this purpose. This formula is based on the assumption that both the initial and the final quantities are positive or larger than 0. Thus percentage increase or decrease is found by comparing the initial and final quantities through this formula.

Therefore the percentage increase is calculated by applying the formula- D% = 100 (x2 – x1) / x1. Here x1 is the initial value and x2 is the final value and D% is the percent change. If you do not want to get into the details of finding the percent increase yourself then you can rely on the help of a calculator or sites on internet which offer instant service. You just have to punch in the numbers and they would provide you with a calculated answer which would spare you the efforts of having to calculate it yourself.
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Subtract the initial figure from the final figure and divide by the initial figure and multiply by 100
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In order to find the growth percentage then its formula is
Percentage growth = (future growth- original growth)/ (original growth) x100
Let Future growth = 100
original growth = 60

Percentage growth = (100-60)/60 * 100
= (40/60)x100
= 0.6667 x100
= 66.67 %
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Let A = Original
Let B= New

100% x(B-A)/A


If A = 50 inches
If B = 52 inches

B-A= 2 inches

% growth = 100% x (2/50) = 4%
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How do you calculate percent increase (percent difference) when the original number is zero? Example:

Original level of contaminant is 0 ppm.
New level is 43 ppm.

The above equation puts zero as the denominator and thus is impossible. What's the percent increase from 0 to 43?

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