What are the STI institutional core values?


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The STI College (short for Systems Technology Institute) was founded in 1983 and is a network of colleges based in The Philippines. The college specializes in Information Technology and offers job-focused courses in Business Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Computer Science, Engineering, and Arts and Sciences. The college has several statements of intent which can be taken as core values.

The STI College, a private college network, strives to be foremost in "innovative and relevant education that nurtures individuals to become competent and responsible members of society." This reflects the college's intention to guide its students to be job-ready once they graduate.

The Mission of the STI College

The institution is determined to "provide knowledge through the development and delivery of superior learning systems." Value is also important to the college, be it value towards students (over 65,000 a year across the country), faculty members, employees, partners or the community in general. To achieve these aims, the STI College intends to conduct itself and its business with "integrity, dedication, transparency, and creativity."

And when not upholding such laudable aims, the students also enjoy singing:

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