How do I write a letter for college admission?


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Sara Lewis answered

Writing a college admission letter is really very similar to applying for a job. It's all about selling yourself, your skills, and convincing the admissions staff that you would be a benefit to their institution.

A few tips before  you start writing your admission letter: 

  • Spend some time researching the college you are applying to. Many people make the mistake of just writing about themselves without really considering if their attributes are a good fit for the college. You really want to figure out the ethos of the college, what their values are, and what they look for in their students. 
  • When you start writing, talk about why you want to attend that college. Not college in general, they aren't interested in your desire to move away from your hometown, meet some new people and have some fun, they want to know why you want to go to their college in particular.
  • Then sell yourself. And don't be shy! This is no place for modesty. Talk about what you have achieved and don't play it down. Tell them about what you're good at, and what you want to achieve in the future. Try to be unique, and specific. Don't just roll out tired old lines about wanting to do your best. Remember that they have thousands of other letters to read, so make sure to...

Stand out!

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