If there is 90 calories for one cup of organic soy milk, how many calories would 2 teaspoons be?


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A cup is 48 teaspoons. Therefore, 48 teaspoons would equal 90 calories. You want to find out how many calories only 2 teaspoons would be.

What you could do is divide 90 by 48 and you'll get the amount of calories in one teaspoon.

90/48 = 1.875.

To get the amount of calories in two teaspoons, double that.

1.875*2 = 3.75 calories.

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Was this it? Seems like this is the exact question, also asked today.
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Yup the user seems to have asked the same question twice...

@Mike, could you copy and paste this answer above into the identical question you found please?

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Just did!

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