Can anyone write a few things about cows for me?


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I can write loads of things about cows - they're actually pretty fascinating animals.

Here's a quick guide to all the "bovine" facts you'll ever need to know:

- For starters, the word "bovine" comes from the Latin word bovis, which means "ox or cattle". By the 18th century, it was used to mean "stupid or dumb" - which is probably why people take offence to being called cows these days.

- Just like human fingerprints are unique - cows can be identified by their "noseprints".

- In Russia, cows have been trained in circuses to dance and play soccer!

- In 1740, a cow from Paris, France was hung after it was accused of "sorcery"!

- In the Swedish town of Ystad, people play a game called "cow bingo". They divide up a field into squares, and try to guess where the cow will stop to "do its business".

- In Japan, special cows are pampered, fed beer and given massages to make their meat taste better.

Gosh, maybe I should start up a Twitter profile to share amazing facts about cows! @CoolCowFacts or something like that...

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