What are 10 tips you would give someone becoming a citizen of our country (U.S)? For example: 1. Learn to speak English. I can't think of any more.


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

learn to read in English, learn the Constitution, basic laws, our monetary system. Learn basic school subjects like math, apply for citizenship

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Brenda Everett answered

Arthur has listed some important ones. I would add a few.

Becoming a United States Citizen

I think it is important to have an understanding of the following things:

- Geography

- History of the United States

- Politics and voting system

- Civil rights

- Tax law

I believe there is now a test that applicants must take before they can become American Citizens, and even courses that can "teach" you how to be a model citizen.

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Jack Norris answered

1).  Be are the guest in America.  Respect, as you grow in understanding, is earned not delegated by imposition of a few.

2).  You may learn about money values first but learning our language will help to bring you the respect of our citizens. 

3).  Our country is made up of 50 states.  States may border one another but the only real borders we have is the Canadian border, the other is the Mexican border.  NOTICE the states are separated by STATE LINES not BORDERS.  DON'T insult the intelligence of U.S. Citizens.  The reason they are state lines is because we honor the privilege of FREE TRAVEL thousands of miles without the necessity of bearing a passport to enjoy the beauty of the 48 continental U.S..

4).  We honor our flag, those citizens who have fought to maintain our national freedom, and those citizens who hold dear the U.S. Constitution which guards our freedoms from tyrants who hold it CHEAP WITHOUT RESPECT.  We show respect to the flags of other peoples throughout  the world BUT our flag is special to us for good reason.  DON'T ATTEMP TO SUPPLANT OUR FLAG WITH ANY OTHER.  IF you WANT to be an American citizen do it the right way or go back wherever you came from, you will be happier and so will I.

5.  Free enterprise is the opportunity to cash in on the freedom America offers all it's citizenry.  You can work for someone, or work for yourself and start your own business.  The outcome is all based on the degree of risk you want to take to achieve success.  The risk is not evidenced by carrying a gun, bullying people who just want to live, or taking advantage of people every way possible.  It is evidenced by honing your skills to outmaneuver another business by providing higher quality for a better price in an acceptable time frame.  It is best seen in competition that pits one business against another to challenge each giving up their best skills, knowledge, work ethics, and attitudes to complete the BEST JOB THEY CAN DELIVER that theyarePROUD OF HAVING DONE RIGHT!!!

6.  Your life, flag, country, language, abilities, and attitude all reflect your cultural background.  Honoring the U.S. Citizens, law, flag country, language, abilities and attitude is only courteous.  Applying a Bible Principle may keep everything between us in perspective "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  Those who disregard this simple Biblical principle will forever be in the dark about self-respect, human rights, and dignity of their fellow man.  With this principle in place respect for each other GROWS and guards each others dignity.

7.  Since life goes on from generation to generation and nothing stays the same don't impose on one generation to bear the hardships of another generation when they can apply themselves to make everything so much better for the future instead of living in the past disappointments.

8.  Live in your newfound freedom.  Embrace each new day for the moment because NOTHING IS GUARANTEED for any one of us regardless of gender, nationality or financial status.  Be yourself to the best of your ability and LIVE.

9.  Remember "a rose by any other name smells as sweet".  Be your best as you have the good fortune to live.

10.  Try to help others have life a little easier.  If you can do that at least for that moment someone else can find a friend in this world instead of fighting fear.  Don't worry about being an American as much as being a real human being!

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