Why is everyone at my school so superficial? Everyone just tries to act cool and care about the wrong things (taking drugs, smoking, sex, what they are wearing) when the whole point of school is education. And people that care about studying get teased and made fun of or even beat up?


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yeah I have realised in a lot of schools , most of the so called 'popular kids' don't do well in school do bad things try to be cool , you are right school is your education , and is very important  , that's why you keep doing you're work , studying assignments , it don't matter to them , but to me I would definitely try to get good in school , don't listen to losers who try to seem cool by being dumb and doing the wrong things , that isn't cool its just lame , do good in school and having good friends is most important in school I think :)

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We're growing up and trying to find our place. Just like boys and girls grow up differently, people at school grow up differently, too. Some people, like you and me and many others, think school is about education. Others think it's about being cool and wearing the best clothes and doing the wrong things. Those people'll grow one day, High School is about growing up and changes. 

Also, many people like this might have problems at home, don't judge how they are, there's always a reason why people are the way they are.

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