If f(x) = (12 – x)3/2, and n = f(3), what is the value of 2n?


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To find the value of 2n, we must first find what n is by itself. Given that n is f(3), we must plug in 3 into the f(x) function, and to every x in the function.

f(3) = (12 - 3)^3/2 (I wasn't sure if the 3 was multiplied to the (12-3) or if it was the power, but I assumed it was the power in this case.)

f(3) = 9^3/2 = 729/3 = 243.

Now that we have the value of f(3), we can say that n is 243. But since we need the value of 2n, we just need to multiply 2 to 243, giving us 486 as our answer.

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