My dad doesn't want me to get a vocational qualification and is trying to convince me to go to uni. Does anyone have any good stories of how uni isn't actually the best way to go?


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Sounds to me like maybe you should listen to your dad. Vocational qualifications are ok, but you will be entering a career at the bottom rung and excluding yourself from many opportunities.

Don't waste your chance to get a degree. There are students all over the world that would love to be in your position

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Amanda Layne
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But what about so many degree students coming out of uni and still not able to find a job? Why waste money and time doing something I'm not into?
Carl Green
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Well there are many courses to chose from, "not into it" is not an excuse, it is laziness. As for people coming out of studies and struggling to find jobs, they are being too fussy.
Rule number one: think out of the box and take whatever job you can at first, then once you have a bit of money coming in, look for something that is what you really want to do.

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