If Employee A logged 120 hours of travel in four years and Employee B logged hours of travel at a 20% higher rate, how many more hours did Employee B have than Employee A after 1.5 years?


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I'm guessing you left out the multiple choice part of this question to make it difficult, but here's what I've managed to come up with:

If x is the # of hours logged by employee A

rate of logging for a: 120hours/4years =30 hours/year

rate of logging for b = 30+(30*.2) =36 hours/ year

30 hours/ year * 1.5 years = 45 hours
36 hours/ year * 1.5 years = 54 hours

54-45 = 9 hours

So your answer is 9 hours!

If you're struggling with problems like this, don't hesitate to post more questions and I can help you answer them. I enjoy getting a bit of practice in anyway, and I like to help people with solving math problems.

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