How fast is a train traveling if it travels 55 miles in 1.5 hours?


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You're familiar with the term "mph", right? Miles-per-hour. It tells us how many miles a vehicle is traveling within one single hour.

In this problem, it tells us how many miles the train is traveling in one and a half miles instead (1.5 hours). So we have to divide the miles traveled by the time interval, which is 1.5 hours. Doing so will give us 36.67 miles traveled in one single hour, or 36.67 mph.

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If the train is travelling at a speed of 55 miles in 1 and a half hours, then the way to work out how fast it is travelling would be to use the standard unit of measurement for working out how fast a vehicle is travelling: Miles per hour.

If 55 miles were covered in 1.5 hours, then you just need to divide 55 by 1.5 to work out how much it is in just 1 hour.

So 55/1.5 = 36.67

So 33.67 is the answer that you are looking for.

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