What are the accelerated reader answers to Breaking Dawn?


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If you're looking for the accelerated reader answers to Breaking Dawn, then you might be in for a surprise.

I found a website that had AR reading answers for a bunch of books. I copied them all out perfectly, and FAILED!

Guess what? They change the AR questions each time to prevent cheating. Our best option is to read a summary of the book from

If you really are in need of help passing your AR test on Breaking Dawn, then these are some resources that will help

Websites that will help with the Accelerated Reading reading test for Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

The one that helped me with my AR test was on

I hadn't read Breaking Dawn, and the test was the very next day, so there was no way for me to read it in time.

The Wikipedia page for Breaking Dawn is also worth checking out. A bit obvious I guess, but they have the summary explained really well actually:

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Breaking dawn AR reading test answers can be found on a bunch of website but will be of no use. They change the questions each test to prevent cheating.

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