What Are The Answers To 'The Hunger Games' Accelerated Reader Test?


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You'll find it fairly difficult to find the Accelerated Reader test for The Hunger Games- once someone has taken the test, they are unable to re-access the answer.

Also, the AR program goes to great lengths to ensure that people don't cheat- so it is highly likely that using someone else's answers wouldn't be of too much help to you.

Getting accelerated reader test answers The company behind accelerated reader tests (Renaissance Place) goes to great lengths to prevent students from cheating on their AR test.

This means that you'd probably need to go through your teacher or your school district to get hold of the answers.

If you're looking for help passing an AR test (especially if you haven't had time to read the book in question) I'd recommend checking out a website like sparknotes.com.

This website is a popular source for study guides and help on reading and literature tests.
You can find summaries on many popular books- including The Hunger Games.
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Amanda Wells answered
You get the answers from your teacher at school or whoever is in charge of your education and asked you to do the test.

You wouldn't get the answers until you had already done the test though. You can't get the answers online anyway - there would be no point in a reading test if it was possible for people to cheat on it by looking up the answers.

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