Write a dialogue between a receptionist in a hotel and a client who wants to book a room for two days?


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Receptionist: Good day sir.

Client: How do you do?

Receptionist: Are you looking to stay with us?

Clients: Indeed.

Receptionist: How long will you be staying with us?

Clients: I am attending a three day conference, so will need a room for two nights.

Receptionist: We will be only too happy to accommodate you. There are a selection of rooms available: Facing the street at the front, facing the communal garden at the back...

Clients: facing the garden please, I assume those will be more quiet?

Receptionist: That's correct.

Clients: And more expensive?

Receptionist: Here is the price list..

Clients: Very well then, I'll take it.

Receptionist: Excellent. Here are your keys. You are booked into room 808. The elevator is down the hall. Shall I arrange for a bellboy to bring your bags up?

Clients: No, I can manage thanks.

Receptionist: Very well, enjoy your stay at Hotel Blurtit.

Clients: Thank-you kindly.

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