How Did London Get Its Name?


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London got its name from the Romans, who dubbed it Londinium when it was fouded in AD 43. They built their city at the highest part of the river Thames, which they called Thamesis. A good choice, it has fueled the growth of the city for 2,000 years.

Around London, the water currents of the North Sea provide power for sweeping boats inland; thus it was a natural choice for a trade port. Indeed, the Roman historian Tacitus described Londonium as a 'celebrated centre of commerce.'

Civilizations have long gravitated to the Thames; Neolithic artifacts dating from 400,000 years ago have been found in the Thames Valley a bit west of London.

The Thames has been both the lifeblood and the destroyer of London. Until relatively recently, it frequently burst its banks. In 1953, 300 people drowned in The Great Flood. The Thames Barrier has effectively protected the City since its completion in 1982.
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London got its from the romans they called it london because lon = beautiful in romans and don = place.
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