After allowing a discount of 8% on a toy it is sold for $ 216.20. How do I find the marked price?


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The given price, $216.20, is the value after 8% (out of 100%) of its ORIGINAL value has been subtracted. Since 8% was taken off, $216.20 represents 92% of the original price.

So we can rewrite this question to ask "$216.20 is 92% of what number?"

Convert the percent into a decimal, which will give us 0.92. Multiply this figure with the original price, which we will call "x" for now.

$216.20 = 0.92x

Divide both sides by 0.92.

216.20/0.92 = 0.92x/0.92

x = $235 <--- The original marketed price

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