Rodney is making three pizzas. The recipe says that, for one pizza, he needs 2 cups of flour. Rodney is out of flour, and goes to the store to buy a bag containing 20 cups of flour. How much flour will he have left over after making the pizzas?


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Rodney needs to make 3 pizzas and each pizza requires 2 cups of flour. He buys a bag of 20 cups of flour...

3 X 2 = 6

He makes 3 pizzas, so he uses 6 cups of flours total.

To find how much flour he will have left over, subtract 6 from 20. That will give you 14 cups of flour left over.

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This question made me hungry. I had to go and eat my leftover pizza from last night!

Claire and John have offered you great answers on how to approach this problem. I'd like to give you mine!

So, Rodney is making three pizzas and one pizza needs 2 cups of flour. To find out how many cups of flour he needs, he simply has to multiply 3 by 2:

3 x 2 = 6

That means he needs six cups of flour for his pizzas.

Now that he's run out of flour, he goes to get a 20-cup bag of flour. So we need to do a simple subtraction to work out how many cups of flour are left after Rodney has made the pizzas:

20 - 6 = 14

So as Claire and John have said, Rodney will have fourteen cups of flour left over once he's finished.

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