What Does Postscript Mean?


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A postscript is a note added to a letter after the signature. It can also be the written matter added at the end of a publication. The word PS or Postscript comes from the Latin word "post scriptum" which means "after writing." The word postscript was used for the first time in popular English literature in the year 1600.

A postscript can be in the form of a line or a paragraph added after the signature of a letter. Post script is usually written when a writer forgets to write something on the main body of the letter and wants to add on to what he had written on the letter. Though people usually use "PS" to write something that had slipped out of their memory in a letter, there are others who use the postscript to emphasise something or to take the reader by surprise.

In today's age when snail mail has given way to emails, the usage of post script has lessened because one can simply edit the email prior to sending rather than writing something below the signature.
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Its when you write something at the bottom of a letter or a note after the signature, its kind of like saying and for the record (in a way) Say you forgot to write something in the letter at the bottom you wi8ll write P.S and what you forgot to write.....hope that helps

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