What are the limitations of insight-based therapies in a prison context?


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The limitations of insight-based therapy in a prison context are many and various, here are a few of the main ones:

• Drug problems

Existing drug dependency problems in prisoners may interfere with the potential of insight therapy.

• Resistance to engage with a therapist

Prisoners may not have proactively requested insight therapy and therefore may be resistant to it as a treatment. They may start from a point of disbelief - 'why would this be effective?'

• Logistical or practical difficulties 

In a prison setting, with its strict timetable and routines, it can be difficult to create a space and time for insight therapy.

What are insight based therapies?

An insight based therapy is one in which a therapist and a patient talk in order to help the patient better understand herself and her motivations. 

The idea is to resolve past struggles so that the patient can move on with a clearer and more content mind. For example, a therapist may talk to a patient about how a childhood trauma such as abuse affected their way of seeing the world.

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