What is a good title for this chapter? I am making a story about a family going on a trip across the state of Florida. The 5th chapter is when they get to Gainseville,Florida but I can't think of a good chapter name. Could you help me?


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Lia Tan answered

If you can give me more details about the chapter, I might just be able to help you out. The things you gave me thus far could be enough to come up with something rather cheesy and obvious like "Arrival at Gainseville". 

Personally when I read or write stories, I like to have the chapter title be 1) related to the chapter (duh), 2) not totally obvious about what's going to happen next, and 3) hooks the reader into wanting to know what this chapter is about.

But if all else fails, just don't name any of your chapters AT ALL and call your fifth chapter "Chapter 5" or "5" or "V" (Roman numeral for five) and do the same for every single chapter starting from the first chapter. Therefore you won't be bothered with the chore of naming each chapter and it'll be easy for you to keep track of chapter numbers.

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