How do I open a chapter about a character floating in the void? Chapter 10 of my friend’s book begins with a character named ‘Nightborn’ floating in an abyss-like place. Any ideas on how to open this chapter well?


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Silence. Not even the slightest sliver of sound made it to Nightborn's ears as he floated in the void. The deafening silence brought a ringing to his ears. It was so painful that he lifted his hand and pressed against his forehead as if to shield himself from the pain. He opened his mouth to shout for help but his voice was swallowed by the void. Even the darkness was darker than normal. It ate at him like Ancient Hippy eating a slice of pizza...

Woah, I'm sorry, that got alittle graphic...

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Blue Jay Bloodloss
This is brilliant. I will almost certainly look at this whilst I write the chapter! It's a very interesting way to open a chapter, I must say. Well done! :) It helped.
Corey The Goofyhawk
Thank you! I hope you're able to get what you're looking for. :)
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I did something similar once in a (very) short story. It might help.

Karl Vonnasti stretched contentedly as he floated naked on a cushion of warm air about a metre above the floor and watched the multi-faceted monosphere pulsating with blue-green radiance as it hovered above his chest.  He knew it would have signalled his recovery as soon as he regained consciousness, and wondered dreamily what had caused him to be brought to a restoration centre.

After entering the matter transmitter on Leprech he remembered no

more until he had awakened some minutes ago in a re-alignment room—a fact made obvious by the four insubstantial wall-facsimiles of
pastel-coloured light which spread healing emanations throughout the

There was a shift in the density of the blue wall to his right and he
found himself pleased to see Prince Bryan and Chaim Berlaine enter.

And for anybody who's interested, Chaim Berlaine was named for Neville Chamberlain, the great appeaser of the 1930s, and Crown Prince Bryan was a leprechaun.

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